Die neuesten Protagonisten von XStone und The Best Soluzins auf der Marmomacc 2017

Wir sind bei der Eröffnung einer der wichtigsten internationalen Messen im Bausektor: MARMOMACC, Marmormesse, Design- und Steinbearbeitungstechnologien in Verona. Auch in diesem Jahr wird XStone mit vielen interessanten Neuigkeiten präsent sein.
Vorschau ....... Einige unserer KITs werden die wirklichen Protagonisten sein


Have you ever wondered how to correctly claen floors of marble?

A lady present to one job of ours, asked some days ago me, whether to do for cleaning to the best and without the help of professionals her floor in marble.

Recommend to not spoil the holidays!

The holidays much attended they have finally arrived and with it also that small problems that it involves the to go away for a few times. The stress is our greatest enemy during the whole winter and when it arrives the summer we don't wait anything else other than to Relax not thinking us about the job and the accumulated works. That he goes to the beach, in mountain or him comfortably stay stretched out on the couch of house, the word of order is an alone: Relax! For you some small recommend that will allow you to maintain your clean house with the least effort and the maximum output.. cleanings cannot so even ruin you the vacation and the deserved relax!